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Covid - 19 Information
What you need to know before your appointment

Implemented Public Health Measures As Mandated by The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

– Every surface that comes into client contact will be disinfected (Health Canada approved) and/or changed prior to and after every appointment. This includes massage table, pillows, blankets, sheets, chair, pens, light switches, faucets, handrails, door knobs​ etc.
– I will be wearing a fresh surgical mask if requested by the patient.
– I will complete my own COVID-19 screening prior to each appointment and will reschedule if I answer “YES” to any questions
– I will respect physical distancing measures (2m) when at all possible
– Immediately before and after every client, I wash my hands for 20 seconds up to the elbow and sanitize in between as necessary.
– I have completed the necessary additional training regarded PPE, droplet and contact precautions
– Health History questionnaires and receipts will be sent electronically via email

New Instructions for Clients

● Please self screen honestly prior to your treatment, and always inform your RMT if you have any signs or symptoms of Covid so a proper risk assessment may be performed

● Masks are no longer mandatory, so please wear what is comfortable for you and inform your RMT if you request they wear a mask during treatment
● Please wait in your vehicle until 5 MINS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT then enter the clinic through the front door.
● Please use the hand sanitizer provided before walking through the clinic.
● Please remove your shoes in the entry way and proceed to your treatment space.
● Please respect physical distancing measures (2m) when at all possible
● Please understand that I need the time in between appointments to follow sanitization guidelines as you efficiently leave your appointment.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate a safe path to resuming your health care.”

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