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How Are You Coping?

So for a person that has never been known for needing time off, this lock-down of sorts has thrown me a real curve ball. For someone that can not sit still, this is like a bad dream. So my question to you, is ... How are you coping? Do you meditate, do yoga, run, watch Netflix, or all of the above... My thoughts, not only as a healthcare professional, but as a fellow human being, are whatever it takes for you to get through the day. Some days I need a lot of outdoor time, walking my dog, my daughter or both, and other days I sit and do some meditation in a sun filled spot in my house. Either way, I get through the day, end it with a glass of wine and wait to see what tomorrow brings.

“There's always a reason to look up.” “Bad stuff does happen sometimes, always remember that but remember that you have to move on somehow. You just pick your head up and stare at something beautiful like the sky or the ocean and you move the hell on.”


So what does moving on look like for you? Maybe some homeschooling for your kids, or maybe yourself, perhaps an online course, or book club. Whatever you choose remember we need human contact. Funny because I base my life and profession on something I am now told will be taboo for quite some time. Touch and contact through shaking hands, a hug or a really great massage helps us in so many ways. How can we fill that void right now.

Let's start by opening a conversation...

Not texting, not emailing or giving others a thumbs up, but a good ol' fashioned phone call.

"Ringing" it back old school.


Hearing someone you care abouts voice, nuances, laughter and smile can help replace a little of what we miss from our new lack of social contact. For today just start by making a few calls and see how that makes you feel...

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